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We take great pride in honoring our Nations Heroes, both large and small. Artist Danny Hahlbohm has created this fine art painting to give recognition and respect to those brave men and women risking their lives for each day. This great land of ours is made up of many wonderful and caring people, however not everyone can be considered a hero. Only a select few who have those distinct qualities of character, bravery and courage can be placed in this category. Those Heroes represented here are indeed of that caliber, and deserve to be honored in tribute. We hope America never becomes complacent in calling these men and women “Heroes”. Whether at home or abroad, the courage, dedication and integrity they live by truly entitles them to be upheld as AMERICAN HEROES!

Please celebrate those men and women with us, and let us give honor where honor is due. One can never say thank you enough to someone who has placed their very life in harms way to protect another. No better way to show your gratitude to their service and dedication then by placing a picture of them on your wall.

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  1. Jason T. Ward
    Wardell Volunteer Fire Department
    C/O Jason Ward
    456 County Highway 227
    Wardell, MO 63879
    December 15, 2012

    [email protected]

    Dear Sir:

    The Wardell Volunteer Fire Department is a member driven department in the rural
    southeast Missouri boot-heel region. We cover a large land area with mostly farmland
    and sparse establishments of homes that are mostly occupied with low income family.
    We operate nearly entirely off of a budget made up of the proceeds from our annual
    Volunteer Dinner and Auction. This has allowed us to make payments on our station
    and the matches to our federal grants. Next year’s auction, which will be held in
    February 23, 2013, is an especially important time as not only is it the 22nd annual
    auction, it is the third year of making a payment on the match on our new apparatus.
    Without this yearly auction we would never have been able to go after a grant that
    required we come up with almost 30,000. Through the auction we were able to pay off
    our new fire station which firefighters in the department personally signed the note for.
    We still have big goals in mind. In the next two years we would like to update SCBA’s
    and extrication equipment.

    Your company can help us by providing funds in the form of a grant or by donating
    goods and services to auction off. Many companies donate gift certificates toward
    items, coupons for a large amount off of items, and items that are returned items or
    refurbished/discontinued items. We are grateful for anything donated no matter how
    small or large. During the dinner we run a slide show with all of our donors contact
    information and also give out an auction program that lists the name of the donating
    company. Many of the companies from out of town receive a few new customers for
    life out of the event. We will gladly send you a receipt for tax purposes, if requested,
    on our form or yours.

    Thank you in advance for your support, as we could not do what we do without the
    help we receive from generous donors and companies,

    Jason Ward
    Training Officer

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